Dockside Fitness Be FIT feel FIT look FIT

About Dockside Fitness

To provide you with the knowledge, confidence and experience to successfully maintain fitness.

Dockside wants to inspire and promote healthy living to all members of the community:

  • Disabled
  • Senior citizens
  • Pregnancy
  • Medical Condition (eg.arthritis, diabetic)
  • Workaholic (no time for fitness or healthy eating)

Dockside Fitness wants to break the cycle that the majority of fitness users go through:
Dedication (2 weeks at least in the gym! Good eating habits)
Benefit (feeling good, treats are now rewarded)
Contemplation (old habits are in direct confrontation with healthy option)
Guilt (old habits win the war of activity and now you think about what could have been)

What we will create together is a long term fitness plan that takes into consideration life's little hiccups and the confidence to apply it through the ups and downs, so you keep progressing towards your goal.

Smiling and sweating together!